Transformational Retreats
Tibetan Pulsing Yoga

In retreat we create the perfect situation to dive deep into your own being. In a wonderful setting, surrounded by nature, away of daily duties and worries, we can totally focus on our self and come in touch with our deepest state of awareness.

With the help of Tibetan healing methods and Taoist rejuvenation practices and meditations of different traditions, we offer a key to open the door. The door into yourself.


Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is a process of inner transformation and healing for everyone who is ready to take a jump from the mind to the heart.

A meditative combination of our sexual energy with the pulse beat of our hearts is creating the gentle power to dissolve blockages in the bio-electrical flow which runs our nervous system.

This positive input neutralizes pain, suffering and anger through orgasmic relaxation. Our fears are transformed into bliss, joy and pleasure.

In a Retreat we will use bodywork, meditation, sound, light and music for healing.

The New Mind

The New Mind is a process of transformation for body and mind, which operates in six phases (the Waves) and allows us to go through the Bardo experience while we are still alive.

This process is designed for purification of the nervous system where each of six major nerve- complexes and 24 organs of the body cleansed. We have 6 waves. Each wave consists from 4 organs.

The Red Wave
Love - Loving Yourself and Others

The Red Wave consists of four organs. Heart, Hara, Testes/Ovaries and Small Intestine.They form four elements of our consciousness :love, strength,vitality and peace.

We will work with the love energy of our heart ,the vitality of our testes/ovaries who want to dance in joy and abundance.

We will gain strenght of our hara, and affection and peace of the small-intestine. For that you have to let go of illusions of love, negative sexual experiences , anger. Revitalizing our internal organs and transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy and light.

In this retreat you will discover that love is inside of you .You don’t need it from someone else, you can share it out of abundance.

The Green Wave
Values - Respecting Yourself and Others

The Green Wave organs are the Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas and Duodenum. They are responsible for our values: security, independence, order and respect.

Our value system is strongly conditioned by society, family and media. Negative charges are imprinted in our nervous system, physical body and organs in the form of fear, emotional suffering and anger. This creates electrical charges and later can manifest as diseases.

In the Green Wave we will work on insecurity, dependency, chaos and financial worries. Results are a state of security, independence, order. Finally you can drop your worries about money and respect your-self. In this retreat you will gain your true values.

The Blue Wave
Dissolving Identifications

The four pillars of our consciounessness wich constitute our courage,composure, clarity and drive are the Adrenals, Bladder, Kidneys, and the sexual organ Penis/Vagina.

We will clear fear,hypertension, judgement, stress ,low self esteem, blame. No more hatred of yourself and others.

Creating an ocean of deep relaxation that leads to a crystal clear mind by releasing stress, tensions and identifications that we are holding on to, so we can enter deeply into our true nature. This is the essence of spiritual transformation.

The Yellow Wave
Sensitivity - Forgiving Yourself and Others

The organs wich constitute our sensitivity are the Tongue , Throat , Stomach and Spleen. They are responsible for our truth, authenticity, friendliness and our kundalini energy.

We will look at our desires and problems with authority, our neediness and fear of abandonment. When we are able to forgive others for the hurt that we have suffered at their hands, the sympathetic nervous system is transformed into the fourth dimension and our relations are perceived as gestures of friendliness.

When we are able to forgive ourselves for the insensitive shocks that we have caused others, the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes into self-love, transforming us into the friend we have always sought in others.As a result of this retreat your true personality will come out shining brightly.

The Sparkle Wave
Communication - Trusting Yourself and Other

The organs wich constitute our Communication are - Spinal Base, Pons ,Colon and Lungs. We will work with mistrust ,feelings that everybody is against you,fear of separation and crisis,being embarrassed, being under pressure and sadness, also with the issues coming from past lives karma.

Creating confidence, centredness, grace, harmony, joy and inspiration. When we transform charges into qualities ,we live relaxed and in trust with Existence.Now we can communicate with others from our depth.

The Violet Wave
Releasing Duality - Living Here and Now

Legs, Arms, Brain and Cerebellum are connected with the higher chakras. The Violet Wave of consciousness is working with our fear of separation and bringing feelings of unity.

Legs and arms have to do with the past and the future. When we are attached to our past, the future will be repeating the past.

Legs deal with feelings of inadequacy, indecisiveness. Their qualities are decisiveness, coming into your power and capacity.

Arms deal with fear of doing, feelings of helplessness, phobias. Its qualities are intuition, sharing, relating from the heart.

The Brain is the source of fear itself, that which we call ego, that prevents us from being here and now. We over-analyze, keep ourselves in darkness with our personal story, not allowing our wisdom to flourish. The Brain’s qualities are integrity, responsibility, right logic.

The Cerebellum rules our dream-state and our I.Q. We often live in our fantasy world, having problems with motivations. With the true intelligence of the Cerebellum, we can connect with the higher chakras, and acquire qualities like right comprehension, playfulness, awareness.

We are beings of light living in a physical body. We all have karma to work out. We are here to learn and elevate our consciousness to higher levels. So we can return to our source, the light. These retreats are exactly created for that.

Roots and Wings

With our wings we can fly, but we need to look at our roots. These roots are our DNA programming, our conditioning. They are the obstacles and issues that prevent us from living our highest potential, from recognizing our true nature.

We need to take those roots out of our foundation. And to create new ones, deep into the earth, healthy roots that make you stable and secure. With the Tibetan bodywork it’s possible: changes are happening on a molecular level, in the DNA.

We Offer Seven Days Retreats

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